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Sunday, March 19, 2023
Punjab, Pakistan
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Baithak is a Urdu daily newspaper that is being published from Multan on a daily basis. It is an important newspaper for the people of South Punjab (Wasaib) who read it regularly. Baithak has a network of more than 150 correspondents who cover news from various cities, towns, villages, and industrial areas of the region. 

Publishing a newspaper in Urdu makes it more accessible to the local population who may not be fluent in other languages.

In addition to covering important news stories, Baithak also covers local news, politics, economics, society, sports, health, education, and business news. The newspaper aims to keep its readers informed about the latest developments and events happening in their region and beyond.

Baithak's network of correspondents plays a crucial role in keeping the readers up to date. These correspondents cover news stories from various locations and send them to the newspaper's head office in Multan. The newspaper's team of editors then analyze and verify the news stories before publishing them.

Baithak's editorial team comprises of experienced journalists and writers who bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the newspaper. They are committed to producing accurate, impartial, and insightful news reports that inform and educate the readers.

Apart from news reports, Baithak also publishes opinion pieces, editorials, and features on a variety of topics. These articles offer a deeper understanding of the issues and events that are shaping the region and the world.

Baithak's popularity can be attributed to its commitment to journalistic integrity and its efforts to cater to the needs of its readers. The newspaper's focus on local news and its coverage of issues that matter to the people of Wasaib has made it a trusted source of information in the region.

Baithak's online presence has also helped to increase its reach and popularity. The newspaper has a website and social media pages that provide its readers with the latest news and updates. The online platform has also made it easier for people outside of Multan to access the newspaper's content. The online versions of the newspaper are


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In conclusion, Baithak is an important Urdu daily newspaper that has a significant impact on the people of Seraiki Wasaib. Its commitment to journalistic integrity, focus on local news, and coverage of important issues has made it a trusted source of information in the region. With its network of correspondents and experienced editorial team, Baithak continues to play a vital role in informing and educating the people of the region.